On the 13th of November, the city of Bucharest played host to the Sir Winston Churchill Debate Competition among whose spirited participants there were eight exceptional students from ours, making their debut appearance at this event. Throughout the four rounds of passionate debate, our students didn’t just bring their rhetorical A-game; they also embodied the spirit of teamwork, support, and strategic thinking. Faced with seasoned opponents, they stood united, driven not only by the desire to win but by a shared passion for the art of debate. For them, participation wasn’t just about victory; it was about embracing the challenge and emerging better advocates for their ideas. Beyond the competitive arena, they seized the opportunity to connect with peers from international schools in Romania and beyond. Every moment became a chance for growth and learning, turning the Sir Winston Churchill Debate Competition into a hub of shared insights and collective progress.

The hard work and dedication of our students paid off as they clinched an impressive 7th place out of the 12 participating teams. This achievement is particularly important as it marks their first participation in this competition, resilience and determination being displayed in an environment where excellence is the norm. As our students returned from Bucharest, they brought back more than just memories of a thrilling competition. They bring connections, lessons, and experiences that will shape their growth as debaters and individuals. The Sir Winston Churchill Debate Competition wasn’t just a stage for competition; it was a stepping stone in our students’ journey towards excellence.

We’re bursting with pride for our students, not only for representing Royal School but for embodying the core values that define us. Their success in this competition speaks volumes about their passion for debate and their commitment to constant improvement. We’re eagerly anticipating their future achievements.

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