We invite you to be one of the companies who offer sponsorship to the Royal School in Transylvania, to help support outstanding International Education in Cluj-Napoca. 

You have the opportunity to be part of a project with the highest expectations in mind, a school that works with a myriad of nationalities to help create a better world. 

Your support, no matter how large will have a genuine impact, and during the last academic year we were honoured to have been supported by: 

– Bosch Romania 

– Banca Transylvania 

– BCR Bank 

– MNG Development and Resido Trade

For those interested, please see the sponsorship contract below.


We invite you to contribute to the development of Royal School in Transylvania by redirecting 3,5% from your Income Tax paid during the previous year to the Romanian State, towards the Foundation School for Europe.

1. Complete and download the form by accessing the button below.

2. Print the generated form, fill in the CNP field if you did not do it at the previous step, and sign it.

3. Then you have the following options:

a) either send it by registered mail to the ANAF unit of which you belong. Look for the office you belong to on this link <https://static.anaf.ro/static/10/Anaf/AsistentaContribuabili_r/telefoane_judete/Regiuni.htm>

b) or, send it by post or courier to our address and we take care of its deposit. Our address is:
400616Cluj-Napoca, Romania, str. Henri Barbusse nr.44-46.

Find Out More

  • Royal School is a member of the wider family of British International Schools and our policies reflect best practice in the United Kingdom, but shaped to suit our Romanian context.

  • Moving to a new school can be a challenging experience, the Royal School enrollment process is designed to be supportive, open and informative for the entire family.

  • We are proud to teach the Cambridge International Curriculum, an international and modern approach to teaching and learning designed to help children succeed and thrive.

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