Teacher Year 3


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Daiana graduated the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at Babeș-Bolyai University, having earned her bachelor’s degree in the Pedagogy of Primary and Preschool Education. Alongside her academic achievements, she has been actively engaged in teaching Year 3 students at our school, demonstrating her commitment to shaping young minds.

Her passion for working with children blossomed at a tender age through her experiences in babysitting, igniting her determination to pursue a career in education. Recognising the paramount importance of continual self-improvement, Daiana seamlessly juggled her responsibilities as a teacher while pursuing her bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, she has concurrently pursued her master’s studies in Educational Management, reflecting her unwavering dedication to lifelong learning.

Daiana exemplifies diligence and perseverance in all her endeavours, consistently striving for excellence in her work. Her innate curiousity and astute observation skills enable her to discern subtle behavioural nuances, enriching her interactions with students. Committed to upholding her values, she serves as a beacon of inspiration for young learners, embodying integrity and compassion in her actions.

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